Sunday league in Germany Part III (Second half and my extra time)

Ottmarsbocholt attacking.

In the break everyone is getting the typical german “Stadionwurst”, a sausage with bread ketchup and mustard. The Stadionwurst is the meal of a football fan in Germany.

The typical german Stadionwurst.

The second half starts.

Münster scores. Now it is just 2:1. The supporters are still optimistic.
“Just one goal, that can happen. We are not impressed”

Now the BWO-Fans are impressed. Its 2:2.
“This just happened because the number 5 is still on the pitch”, someone screams angry.

Another Foul from Münster
“Again the number 5”, someone repeats the running gag.
Anotherone shouts “Whats wrong with you man, he has to go to work on Monday”.

Nothing really exciting happens on the pitch
“It is time to substitute us now”, one supporters suggests to the coach.
The coach gives him a glance that says “You are to drunk for that”.

Someone asks “Whats the score? I was busy drinking my beer”.
The crowd is cheering for this sentence.
Foul from Münsters number 19. The referee shows him the yellow card.
The supporters are upset: “What about the number 5 ? We want a yellow card for number 5”.

The game is over.
Final score 2:2
Remark: Number 5 didn’t receive a yellow card

Final conclusion from the supporters:
“A draw is Okay, the most important thing is that we had fun.”
They definitely had.
After the Game:
The game is over, but my work really starts now. I have to Interview the coaches, drive back to the desk and write the article. At my working place me and my boss are joking a little about what happened to us this day on the different pitches.
18:30 The article is ready and another funny day in German Sunday league is over.

Here is the link to my article (written in german):

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