Peppi Puolitaipale (Finland)

Peppi with her team. (left kneeling)

This time I present you another member of my ESN footballteam and moreover the first girl for the Global footballplayers. After a Futsal Training Session I talked to Peppi from Finland.

Peppi started playing football with eight years. Before discovering the beautiful game she did horse riding, but thanks to her father she started football and soon preferred that instead of horse riding.
Peppi joined the local club AC Kirkkonummi. By the way what a difficult name, but anyway, back to Peppis story.
If it comes to sport in Finland Football is only on the third place, behind Ice hockey and Floorball.
Nevertheless according to Peppi a lot of people play it and also join a club.

Peppi herself played some years as a rightwing on a synthetic grass pitch.
After an injurie two and a half year ago including two surgeries Peppi stopped playing Outdoor football with her team.
Instead, she joined the University Futsal team.
“I like Futsal more, because it is more technical and not that physical”, she says today.
At Peppis University they even have their own Football league with trainings and games almost every weekend.

The latest well known Finnish footballer was Sami Hyypiä, who played for example for Liverpool FC, where he was part of the starting line-up at the Champions League Win in 2005.
“The best Finnish footballer of all the time was Jari Litmanen”, says Peppi.
Currently Finland hasn’t got a real Star, but therefore as we know now at least one Globalfootballplayer.

Here are some nice volleyshots from the former Finland player Jari Litmanen:

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