Joe Davis (Bulgaria)

Joe after a Futsal game

Today I would like to present to you one of my teammates from the ESN Outdoor, but as well the ESN Futsal team. This is Joe Davis from Bulgaria.

Joe lives and studies in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
Like so many of us also Joe started playing football as a child and plays it until today.
At the ESN team and in his free time in Sofia, he plays as central midfielder.

In Bulgaria football is the main sport, although the national team is not that successful.
If you ask for famous Bulgarian players he mentions Dimitar Berbatow.
The striker played in former times for example for Bayer Leverkusen and Manchester United.
The main Success of the Bulgarian is more than twenty years old.
Nevertheless according to Joe Bulgarians even nowadays still rave about it.

In attached you can read an article published by the guardians that described what happenned On a special Night on 17th November 1993.

Extract of the Guardian article: From the Vault: The cross that cost France and started a 19-year feud

France had been almost certain to qualify for the 1994 World Cup, but a shock defeat at home to Israel set up a showdown against Bulgaria at the Parc de Princes. When they met on the night of November 17, 1993, France needed a draw and Bulgaria needed to win. Eric Cantona gave France the lead on the half-hour mark with a typical volley, but Emil Kostadinov equalised five minutes later. France held on until the 90th minute, when Ginola, who had been brought on as a late sub for Jean-Pierre Papin, had the ball by the corner flag. 

Ginola’s wildly overhit cross fell to the feet of the Bulgaria left-back, Emil Kremenliev. With no time to spare, Bulgaria worked the ball up the pitch to Lubo Penev, who chipped the ball over the France backline and into the stride of Kostadinov. The forward took the ball down with his first touch, steadied himself with his second and lashed it into Bernard Lama’s net with his third. Bulgaria were on their way to the USA. France were out.


Here you can see the game every Bulgarian Football fan talks about:


“On this day, we say in Bulgaria, god has been a Bulgarian”, explains Joe.
Joe himself doesn’t really like to hallow football players.
“They may can play very good, but at the end they are human beings, just like you and me”, he says.

Human beings that are all the same, but who combines their love for football.

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