Sunday league in Germany Part II (First half)

Sunday League Supporters.

Foul from the guest teams number 5 against an Ottmarsbocholt player.
The comment of the beer drinking-Supporters “Hey, he had already seen the yellow card”.
Apparently the number 5 had not seen the yellow card yet, and he doesn’t see the card after his Foul. It’s the first time I hear this sentence. And this is what I can tell so far, not the last time.

I begin to take the first pictures of the game. Currently its very balanced between Saxonia Münster and Blau Weiß Ottmarsbocholt. While I take the pictures one of the BWO-Supporters calls me for the first time:
“Hey you have to take a picture of us” his friends agree with him. One says “Exactly, the interesting stuff happens here.” We are all laughing together.

Ottmarsbocholt scores the opener. A header after a free kick. Apparently a reason for cheering and opening a new beer for the fans on the stands.

A foul against BWO (apparently not the number 5).Reaction on the stands: “Again the number five. He had already seen the yellow card.”

I am going on taking Fotos.
“Now you really have to take a picture of us”, “Why don’t you write your whole article just about us, its more interesting”, “Yes write something like: ,The awesome team that supports the other team, “
I finally listen to their beggings and take a photo of them.

The coach of Münster has brought his own tactic board and moves the magnets now. Guardiola style in the lowest German division.

Ottmarsbocholt scores the 2:0.
The supporters are celebrating, singing and of course open the next beer bottles.
One comment from a around 50 years old with a big potbelly: “Even me, couldn’t have done this better”


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