Futsal-Try it out!

Scene from a futsal game

As you have probably noticed, I have talked a lot about Futsal on this Blog.

In some countries, like Spain, this sport is already quite popular, while in other countries, like for example my home country Germany just experts are aware of this sport.

Today I would like to present you Futsal and why I think you should try it out.

It is not sure, who really invented futsal.One version is that futsal was first played in South America. In the 1930s a Uruguay teacher should have invented it in his school class for his pupils.
Like football, Futsal it is a game that everyone is able to play, but of course also a game that has some rules. Futsal is played with five person each team on the pitch. One goalkeeper and four field players. Normally a futsal squad is bigger than just five players, since substitution are always possible. The pitch is limited throughout outlines, you shoot on a small handball goal with a heavier and smaller ball and a penalty is shoot from six meters distance. Opposite to a common prejudice, futsal is played with physical contact. Often you have even an advantage with a good physics. Since futsal is played only on a small field which is usually 40 meters long and 20 meters broad, futsal is played without the offside rule and moreover without throw-Ins, the ball is kicked in instead. A futsal game takes 40 minutes, each half 20 minutes. This is basically all you need to know for the beginning.
So now let me explain, why you should try it out.
futsal is a really fast game. You have to be concentrated the whole time. One time I went to futsal training, after I went to a Strasburg trip, where I didn’t get a decent amount of sleep, and I directly noticed it. When you play Futsal you have to be focused all the time on the pitch, because the current situation can change really fast. You won’t have time to rest, like you sometimes have it on the football pitch. But before you start to worry now, like I already said substitutions are allowed all the time. Moreover and this is what I really like at Futsal, you aren’t really stacked to a position. I can talk for myself that I became a right wing back, so that I can defend, but aswell can participate in the offensive and make some crosses for our strikers. When you play futsal, you are everything at once, defender, midfielder and striker. You have to defend together with your team, but you also have to attack and create the game together and this is something I really enjoy. Mentioning team here, this is another aspect I really like. Of course the team spirit in the football squad is usually always good, but I think it is even better at a futsal team and this is what I also experienced here in Antwerp. Let me explain. At futsal you first of all have a smaller squad, so you directly have a closer relationship to each one of your teammembers. Furthermore, like already mentioned, substitutions are made all the time and everyone in the squad is getting a decent amount of time on the pitch, so nobody gets jealous or loses interest. If you say now, yes Simon team spirit is important, but I also want to show my personal skills, no worries!
Futsal is perfect to show all your skills and tricks and yes it is also really helpful for the team if you can handle some tricks and have some stylish tricks for the small space you get on the pitch.

To sum it up:
Futsal is an easy, fast and challenging game that makes a lot of fun.
If you like football, team spirit and being everywhere on the pitch you will really enjoy futsal.

The official Fifa Futsal page:

Here you see the FC Barcelona stars playing Futsal

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