Conversation with Steve (England)

London is a city to meet nice people.

Last year in November I made a trip with my two best friends to London.

In our Hostel I met Steve from Manchester. After some beers we started to talk about football. Steve is a Manchester City fan. Currently City is in the lead in the English Premiere League. Regarding this, his thoughts from 2016 are even more interesting. But just read it for yourself…

Steve from Manchester about…


Manchester City:

In the past years we just invested money in expensive players, without having a real plan.

Just one title is not enough, regarding how much money we spend. And I don’t want to start to talk about the Champions League. There you see that just spending money is not enough. Teams like Bayern Munic, Real Madrid or Fc Barcelona had a clear plan and were more successful.


Pep Guardiola:

Pep Guardiola is the best that could happen to us. He proved at Barcelona and Munic that he is currently the best coach in the world. Moreover he will give the team a structure. The transfers we made so far were all good. This season we won´t win the Champions league. But I am convinced that if Guardiola stays, we will win it in the next four years.


Vincent Company:

Vincent Company is a real leader and brings everything a good defender needs. I my opinion he is currently the best defender in the world.


The Premier League:

The Premier league is the best league in the world. But it annoys me that all clubs are just buying expensive players from abroad. Even at City this annoys me. English talents don’t get a chance in the Premier league. In the german Bundesliga for example this is way better.


The german nationalteam:

The germans are always favorites. In the defense and in the Midfield they have great players. But as far as I see it they don’t have a good striker after Miroslav Klose retired.

They should have won the European Championsship, but for the World cup they will be the favorites again.


Jürgen Klopp:

What Jürgen Klopp achieved in Dortmund is just incredible. He is a very emotional and sympathic guy. And he is 100% real. A great coach, who shouldn’t have left Dortmund.

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