Sunday league in Germany Part II (First half)

15:04 Foul from the guest teams number 5 against an Ottmarsbocholt player. The comment of the beer drinking-Supporters “Hey, he had already seen the yellow card”. Apparently the number 5 had not seen the yellow card yet, and he doesn’t see the...

Sunday league in Germany Part I (Calm before the storm)

Last Weekend I went back to Germany. And like every weekend, when I am in my hometown I went working on Sunday. I work as a freelancer for our local newspaper, called “Westfälische Nachrichten”. Every Sunday I report about the games in...

Antoine Ludovico (Belgium)

Antoine Ludovico is the first team member of our ESN Football squad I present to you. Have fun with the Interview: Age: 21 Position: Central Midfield Team (s): US Liège Hometown: Liège   Why do you like playing football? It is a collective sport, you can meet...

Why bother ?

"A good idea in principle, and it will probably make you a better person for doing it, but you are not likely to get around with it anytime soon". This guardian reportage gives you a short insight in the English...

Happy Birthday Football

Yesterday Sheffield FC celebrated their 160th Birthday. Founded in 1857, Sheffield FC is the World first and throughout that oldest Football club. Globalfootballplayers and Fuba.Blog says Congratulations and Thank you. Sheffield FC, you changed our lives.

ESN Team Antwerp

This picture shows the ESN team of Antwerp. ESN is an abbreviation for European Student Network. Students from every part of the world, who are studying currently in Antwerp, participate in this team. We have for example one brazilian (who also...

Zaid (Jordan)

Have fun with this article written from Zaids (Jordan) point of view: Football is the most famous sport in the world, i think when we were kids we were just searching on our idol by kids nature, so when i...

Simon Walters (Germany)

Name: Simon Walters Number: 26 Clubs: SuS Olfen, Buerlando Pirates, ESN football team Position: Rightwingback Best football match experience: 5:3 win of the SuS Olfen against the nearby club Union Lüdinghausen. We came back after Lüdinghausen leaded 0:3 and turned the game around. Favorite...

Globalplayers Starts

Hello Football Romantics worldwide, this is a category just for you. The famous former German football player Franz Beckenbauer once said concerning the spirit of football and football teams: “You have to be eleven friends”. I believe there is much truth...
Emre Can Screenshot

Emre Can mit dem Fallrück-Seitfall-Tor-Des-Monats-Zieher

Emre Can wird in Deutschland gerne mal vergessen, wenngleich er zur Stammbesetzung beim FC Liverpool gehört. Zu unrecht, wie er mit diesem Anwärter zum Tor des Jahres in der Premier League beweist. Gut anschnallen und Kinnlade festhalten! MAIS QUEL BUT...


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