Global Football Players

Global Football Players

Antoine Ludovico (Belgium)

Antoine Ludovico is the first team member of our ESN Football squad I present to you. Have fun with the Interview: Age: 21 Position: Central Midfield Team (s): US Liège Hometown: Liège   Why do you like playing football? It is a collective sport, you can meet...

George Konstas and Triantafyllos Restemis (Greece)

Today I present you two other of my ESN I teammembers. George Konstas and Triantafyllos Restemis from Greece. Enjoy listening to both of them: Piräus pyrotechnics show:

Sunday league in Germany Part I (Calm before the storm)

Last Weekend I went back to Germany. And like every weekend, when I am in my hometown I went working on Sunday. I work as a freelancer for our local newspaper, called “Westfälische Nachrichten”. Every Sunday I report about the games in...

Futsal-Try it out!

As you have probably noticed, I have talked a lot about Futsal on this Blog. In some countries, like Spain, this sport is already quite popular, while in other countries, like for example my home country Germany just experts are...

Sunday league in Germany Part II (First half)

15:04 Foul from the guest teams number 5 against an Ottmarsbocholt player. The comment of the beer drinking-Supporters “Hey, he had already seen the yellow card”. Apparently the number 5 had not seen the yellow card yet, and he doesn’t see the...

Carlos Marín Barrios (Spain)

Today another great football nation on The country, where Tiki Taka was invented. The sportsjournalist Carlos Marín Barrios from Spain will give you an insight and his opinions about: When and where he started to play football: Well, I started playing...

Sunday league in Germany Part III (Second half and my extra time)

15:50 In the break everyone is getting the typical german “Stadionwurst”, a sausage with bread ketchup and mustard. The Stadionwurst is the meal of a football fan in Germany. 16:00 The second half starts. 16:08 Münster scores. Now it is just 2:1. The supporters...

Conversation with Steve (England)

Last year in November I made a trip with my two best friends to London. In our Hostel I met Steve from Manchester. After some beers we started to talk about football. Steve is a Manchester City fan. Currently City...

Agustin Mardones (Chile)

Agustin is twenty-two years old and studies for an exchange semester at the University of Antwerp. He is the second player from the ESN team I would like to present to you. Agustin lives and studies in Santiago de Chile,...

International line-up

On wednesday I had the last match in my ESN Outdoor football-Team. Eventhough we lost the last game, looking back I really liked and enjoyed this time. It was a pleasure to play together with so many great and nice...


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