Merry Christmas (and a little present)

Global Football Players wishes you a merry christmas. On this special day I would like to share with you a special story published in the New york times. In my opinion this story stresses the power and importance of football, but at the...

International line-up

On wednesday I had the last match in my ESN Outdoor football-Team. Eventhough we lost the last game, looking back I really liked and enjoyed this time. It was a pleasure to play together with so many great and nice...

Conversation with Steve (England)

Last year in November I made a trip with my two best friends to London. In our Hostel I met Steve from Manchester. After some beers we started to talk about football. Steve is a Manchester City fan. Currently City...

Carlos Marín Barrios (Spain)

Today another great football nation on The country, where Tiki Taka was invented. The sportsjournalist Carlos Marín Barrios from Spain will give you an insight and his opinions about: When and where he started to play football: Well, I started playing...

Futsal-Try it out!

As you have probably noticed, I have talked a lot about Futsal on this Blog. In some countries, like Spain, this sport is already quite popular, while in other countries, like for example my home country Germany just experts are...

10 Reasons why…

Of course we already knew it, but today I would like to share with you this video about 10 reason why football is the best sport in the world. I guess we even all agree on the main points.

George Konstas and Triantafyllos Restemis (Greece)

Today I present you two other of my ESN I teammembers. George Konstas and Triantafyllos Restemis from Greece. Enjoy listening to both of them: Piräus pyrotechnics show:

Koen Leertouwer (Netherlands)

Big football nation, small country. Today I present to you my teammate Koen. Koen began to play football with six. In the Netherlands football is the main sport. Koen describes it like this: “My granddad played it, my dad played it...

Martin de Pas (France)

Today it is time for another big football nation. After the Futsal training I made an audio interview with Martin de Pas from France. You can listen to him on Soundcloud: Here you see the first and only worldcup win from france. and...

Why am I doing this ?

Hello Guys, today something different. I would like to tell you a personal story and try to explain, why I think sometimes Football in some situations can be comparable to a Break-up or a Hangover and then again not. Let...


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