Carlos Marín Barrios (Spain)

Carlos Marin Barrios

Today another great football nation on The country, where Tiki Taka was invented.

The sportsjournalist Carlos Marín Barrios from Spain will give you an insight and his opinions about:

When and where he started to play football:

Well, I started playing football as soon as I could kick an object.

My first memories regarding playing this fabulous game led me to my childhood. I suppose that with seven years old more or less would be the first time that I played it.


In Spain playing football is very typical among children. Usually outside, thanks to the nice weather that we have there.

I began playing in small pedestrian squares, parks, parking’s lot…even in the porch of my building I used to play with some friends. This is funny because the use of a ball was not allowed there. Thus, we used the cork of wine bottles to play instead of a ball. The reason why playing with a soccer ball was not permitted, was the risk of breaking car windows or lampposts.


Why he loves football:

I really do not know why I began to love football. I suppose that everything matters here: Your friends, your parents, the news that you watch… It depends on the vibes that surround you. However, my parents don’t like football nor the rest of my family.


Nowadays, I can say to you that I love football because I really appreciate team-sports and the values that this amazing sport has, such as: Fellowship, loyalty, competitiveness, mutual respect, courage, spirit of overcoming…


The status of football in Spain:

Football is the most important sport, undoubtedly. When you meet someone from Spain the question “What´s your team?” will appear together with “What´s your name?”, “How old are you?” and “Where do you work?”.


Unfortunately, currently it is a business.

It moves impressive amounts of money, millionaire publicity contracts, wages out of this world… and lately the differences between big and small clubs are increasing.


His tasks as a sportsjournalist:

I basically cover the news of my team Club Atlético Osasuna. I evaluate the way in which players have acted every single week. Furthermore, I write the chronicle of the match and the declarations post-match. Each chronicle, for instance, has to have at least 600 words to be published.

We are a group of 5 guys and between us we cover all the actuality of the Club. We share competences in the journal but only in our specific field. The journal, by the way, is VAVEL.COM a digital one.


Why he likes this job:

I take it as a hobby. Actually, I am a lawyer.

I like this job because when I was young I wanted to work as a sport journalist professionally. In addition, I am a passionate fan of my Club and for me is a kind of honor having the responsibility to cover its matches. Apart from that, obviously it’s a job that is very helpful to develop and improve your writing skills and that never hurts.


His favorite Spanish football club:

Club Atlético Osasuna

The status and the rival ship of the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

Well, everybody interested in football knows “El Clásico”. For those who does not know that expression… It is the match between both them.

They are always fighting with each other to get the League (Liga BBVA), the Champions League and the King´s Cup. The rivalry between them is historical. They are the Spanish biggest teams and, therefore, competitors.

It has happened to me, more than a couple of times, that when I have met someone and I´ve said that I am from Spain they subsequently have asked “Madrid or Barça?”

Me: NONE! Haha.

Nevertheless, it is true that every Spaniard prefer one of them. In my case, I would say… Real Madrid.

The status of the Spanish national team.

I would say that it is, currently one of the best 5 national teams of the world.

What happened in 2008 and 2010 as Spain won the title.

When Spain won the World Cup was amazing. The streets were full of people celebrating and finally, Spain was recognized internationally as an important national team. Furthermore, winning two Eurocups we were consolidated as an incredible team with an admirable style of playing. As you said, the Tiki-Taka was born. Special mention to Andrés Montes, journalist and commentator who came up with this term, rest in peace. 

How he rates the current situation of the national team.

It is not its best moment, but the team is young and recognized internationally. All players are playing in the best leagues around the world. In the group phase, Spain has shown its potential playing with the 50% of its power.


If he thinks Spain has a chance to win the World Cup 2018.

Ok, I am not a fortune teller but, why not? It wouldn´t be the first time, haha

I think that the winner will be between Germany, France, Spain and Argentina.

The best Spanish player currently.

Difficult question. I would name a bunch of them:


-Nowadays Rodrigo (striker of Valencia C.F) is playing at a high level.


-Jordi Alba (F.C. Barcelona) is a bullet from the left wing…


Marco Asensio and Dani Ceballos (Real Madrid) are two amazing young midfielders.


-Mikel Merino (Newcastle United) He used to play in Osasuna, then Borussia Dormund signed him. and currently he is in the Premier League playing as god. He has got even a song: “He comes from Spain and he is fucking class, in fact he is better than Fabregas, he is Merino…he is Merino”.


-Finally, I would highlight Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) or Gerard Piqué (F.C Barcelona), both well-known worldwide.


The best Spanish player of all the time.

What a question mate! I am 24 and I will talk about the players that I have watched, otherwise I would be cheating to myself.  Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta are the best Spanish players that I´ve ever seen.


His favorite player.

Lionel Messi.

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