Agustin Mardones (Chile)

Agustin Mardones during a Futsal game.

Agustin is twenty-two years old and studies for an exchange semester at the University of Antwerp. He is the second player from the ESN team I would like to present to you.

Agustin lives and studies in Santiago de Chile, the Capital of Chile. With a population of around 18 million people Chile is the sixth largest country in South America.
Agustin began to play football in school. “It was always a good time to play football with my friends, and this is it until now.”, he says. In Chile football is really popular. Asking Agustin, really everyone plays it, younger ones, older ones, simply everybody. Agustin himself plays it in his free time on a synthetic field, usually seven against seven.
Since football is that popular in Chile it is not surprising that the national team is very important for the Chilean society. In 2015 and 2016 Chile won the South American tournament Copa America. Both times they won after a penalty shootout against their neighbors from Argentina.
“Our most famous players are Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal, they are playing in Europe so many people from Chile support the clubs, where they are currently playing. So at the moment FC Arsenal and Bayern Munich”, reports Agustin. Agustin himself simply enjoys playing and watching football, without having a professional club he is passionate in: “I like our local team Colo Colo, but I am not kind of a huge fan”.
Besides the ESN Outdoor football team Agustin joined one of the three ESN Futsal teams and apparently really likes it. “I already played Futsal, but it is different and really cool to play together with other nationalities”, says the left-back.

Chile Fun fact:
The bicycle kick is an invention of the Chilean.
The Chilean football player David Arellano shall did it as the first in 1927.
Other sources name a guy named Ramón Unzaga, who should have already did the overhead kick in 1914. But since he was also a Chilean we can say thanks to Chile for many beautiful football goals we have seen throughout your inventiveness.

Here you can see the probably greatest bicycle kick-goal in the history of Football.
Credits are going to David Arellano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

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